About the club

Ashbourne Baseball Club was founded in 2009 and started out as a Little League team.

Eventually, with enough interest in the club, it grew to have four teams of different age groups.

Coach Pitch is our youngest group, for kids under 10. It teaches kids the basics of baseball in a fun, game filled environment. Our coaches use games to teach kids about base running, fielding situations and batting. We set up games with other teams and throw underhand to the batters.

Little League, our original team, is for kids aged 9-12 and brings in more stable rules and mechanics to baseball. In Little League, kids start playing more specialised positions and pitchers and catchers are introduced. The field played on is a little bigger and the is a full league played in the early summer months every year.

Our adult team plays in the B league and, while this is an adult team, 13 years and over are still allowed on the team. This age group has the full field dimesions and rules of baseball and a league is run all through the summer with play-offs in late September.