Great Day for Giants

Our Opening Day was a huge success with all three of our teams winning their first games ever on our new field.

Our Coach Pitch team had a great game against the Sutton Red Rox with the opening pitch thrown by their coach, David Shier, to his son, Liam.

Little League had an amazing game against the Tullamore Tigers, achieving great feats such as the first home run, first Grand Slam (four run home run) and first triple play of the field. The first pitch was thrown by their coach, Sean Mitchell, to his son, Patrick.

Our adult B team played against the Belfast Buccaneers for a close battle eventually won by our Giants. The first pitch was thrown by an instrumental figure to making this all happen, Thomas Mitchell, to his son and one of the coaches, Sean.

We’re extremely happy with the turn out and we had a lovely day for it and hope it’ll continue today for Baseball Ireland’s Opening Day.