Our First Festival and Children’s Camp

The week of 17-23 August presents our second and third official field events.

First up, our Baseball Kids Camp. The summer camp made for 5-18 year olds will run from Monday through Wednesday at 10am until 1pm each day. We will be teaching new players the basics of mechanics for throwing, fielding and batting and enhancing the playing quality of old players though fun activities and remarkable coaching. The price is €10 per day, payment to made on arrival.

For our second event, we invite teams from around the world to come and play in an International Tournaments running from the finishing afternoon of the camp on Wednesday straight through until Sunday evening. The teams playing include Ireland’s own International Teams, both Adult and Cadet (12-15). Our visiting teams are Belgium, Mexico, Venzuela, USA and The Alphians (from The Netherlands). Wednesday’s exhibition games will be accompanied by Mero Mero México’s authentic Mexican cuisine. The rest of the tournament will have The Big Grill providing food. The tournament will be jam packed with games right from before Opening Ceremony to the Closing Ceremony.

So that’s how our upcoming week is working. We hope you can come out to support your National Team in their first tournament on their new field.