The Close of our Opening Weekend

Our opening weekend finished just as it started, with a bang. Literally.

The two games played from our National A League were truely exciting and exhilarating. The Greystones Mariners scraped a win against the Dublin Black Sox after a long game of a Pitchers’ Duel between Daniel ‘Woody’ Woodburne (Mariners) and Brendan Scott (Black Sox).

The Dublin Spartans and Dublin Hurricanes decked it out for a convincing win by the Canes behind a dominant pitching performance from Dan Viola and William Pema and an outstanding hitting performance led by Timmy Rodriguez, going 5 for 5 at bats.

In between the games we had a Fastpitch Softball demonstration from our Irish Ladies’ team and an Ashbourne Select Nine. Yet another pitchers’ duel, the game was nil all until the very last inning with a two run RBI from Melanie Lavery, coach and player for the Irish Fastpitch team.

The day closed out with our Home Run Derby. An outstanding effort from everyone who entered, Steve Patterson, Irish Fastpitch coach, took third place while the Hurricane’s Timmy Rodriguez and William Pema took first and second respectively.

And, though the opening weekend for our field is over, baseball activities are definitely not. In fact, they’ve only just began with the upcoming summer camp running from the 17th – 19th of August for kids aged 5-18 and an International tournament straight after, running from the 19th – 23rd, with two Irish teams representing our teen and adult players in action.

We’d like to thank everyone who helped out at the Opening Weekend. Especially Corks CafĂ© and Winebar which provided beer and coffee and O’Brien’s Sandwich Bar which provided food and refreshments.

Our opening weekend was a huge success and we hope that we can continue our success into the next few weeks and onwards for our future generation of baseballers.